Terms and conditions of sale

Our supplies are governed exclusively by the following General Sales Conditions. Any clause or condition established by the counterparty is to be considered null and void in our regard when it is in contrast with any of the conditions listed below, unless previously agreed between the parties.

Offers and orders:

Unless otherwise specified, our offers remain valid for a period of 30 days. Orders involving penalties are not accepted.


The return of the goods is always to be understood ex our warehouse, unless otherwise indicated in the offer or order confirmation.


The goods always travel at the risk and peril of the customer, even when shipped carriage paid.


Particular packaging, if any, are charged at cost.

Terms of delivery:

The delivery terms are always to be considered indicative, any changes are promptly communicated in the order confirmation, and cannot be challenged for claims for damages or otherwise.

Minimum supply amount:

The minimum supply amount for billing is € 20.00 € * (VAT excluded). Orders for a lower amount can only be processed with a receipt. As an exception, supplies of a lower amount may be made, with a charge of € 3.00 * as administrative management costs for billing small amounts. This charge will not take place if other supplies are made during the month such as to exceed the minimum supply amount overall.


Payments must be made at our home, or with Paypal, or by bank transfer, fixed currency of the beneficiary, at the agreed deadlines. Any delays beyond 10 days. in addition to the blocking of supplies, will result in the debit of default interest as required by Legislative Decree. 9/10/2002 No. 231/2002 in implementation of Directive 2000 / 35CE, in addition to the charge of all expenses incurred (outstanding, postal and legal). It should be noted that the debit of interest, notwithstanding the provisions of Article 4 paragraph 1 of the aforementioned Legislative Decree, will not take place automatically but only after our formal notice sent in writing, or by means of fax or e-mail.


All the items object of our sales are guaranteed by the manufacturers, for their originality, quality of materials and any processing. The warranty is limited exclusively to the repair or free replacement of parts recognized by the manufacturer as defective, due to lack of essential quality or deficiency in workmanship. Any claims must be made within 7 days of receipt of the goods, after this deadline the goods are considered accepted. The warranty is void if the parts returned as defective have been tampered with, repaired or modified. The warranty does not cover damage due to external agents, lack of maintenance, overload, natural wear, choice of the wrong type for the application, assembly error or other causes not attributable to us. Since the goods supplied by us are susceptible to different uses and applications, we do not assume any responsibility for damages deriving from accidents of any nature, which occur during the use of the products we purchase, whether these are recognized by our manufacturers as defective. or not, whether these have been recommended by us for the job in question.


Any returns of goods will be accepted only with our prior authorization. In order to facilitate the management of the return, it is requested to attach the return authorization document (RMA) duly completed and authorized to your delivery note. If the object of the return are items normally kept in stock, and the return is made in the same month as the delivery, or the goods have not yet been invoiced, no charge will be calculated, except for any shipping or packaging costs. If, on the other hand, the goods are expressly ordered, the return is subject to the approval of our supplier, and is subject to the charge requested by our supplier for the return.